Full Version: Dimple Kapadia rare and old pictures #Skin Show #Underarms
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Most of the pictures in this thread do not have clear/visible armpit area due to the fact that flashing armpits and or posing with arms high in air was never a fashion back then but you can catch the glimpse of Dimple Kapadia (underarms) posing sexy with some sneak peeks in the way.

[Image: dimple-kapadia-snapped-in-red-bikini-201606-733029.jpg]

[Image: 1402051687-50ce7c6229966.jpg]
Just missed it, wish the male co star was a few feet taller.
Warning : Armpits censored
[Image: 1402051689-anil-kapoor-dimple-love-making-scenes.jpg]

Dimple Kapadia and Anil Kapoor intimate seen .
Time for some GIF's since we need to capture the armpits by hook or by crook

[Image: output_cL8RqR.gif]
Another amazing capture in a song with rishi kapoor
[Image: output_n3dyRk.gif]
[Image: MWSnap482%2B2017-08-26%252C%2B17_06_14.jpg]
[Image: MWSnap485%2B2017-08-26%252C%2B17_06_15.jpg]
Dimple kapadia clean shaved armpits in song

[Image: MWSnap481%2B2017-08-26%252C%2B17_06_10.jpg]
[Image: MWSnap480%2B2017-08-26%252C%2B17_06_09.jpg]
[Image: MWSnap477%2B2017-08-26%252C%2B17_05_53.jpg]
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